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My children were coming home from pre-school and primary school at least every 3 months with lice.  Like most mums, I wanted to get rid of it asap. I never realized the potential harm I was doing to my children with the chemical solutions I was using. I read about the deaths online at, and was absolutely horrified. I have been using Blast-A-Nit now for 5 years, and I haven't seen lice since. So not only am I using an all natural shampoo on me and my children, I'm preventing them from being infested with head lice again. So when the letters come home from school alerting us to the fact that lice is around, I know my children can't catch it. In fact, at school last week, I rubbed my daughters head into another child's head who was infested just to prove my children will not get head lice - and of course, she didn't!
Thanks Gloria, will I ever know your secret?
Annette Di Giacomo
South Coogee

Hello, just a quick note to say a sincere thank you for producing a natural product that actually works.  I was visiting my friend in the holidays and my kids were constantly scratching their heads.  My friend Lisa, looked at my childrens heads and told me they were infested with head lice.  Not again!! so I picked up to go home to avoid Lisa's kids catching it.  She assured me her kids couldn't catch it because  their hair is washed and conditioned with Blas-A-Nit, which means they are protected from catching head lice.  That was 4 years ago and we haven't had head lice since.
Thank you,
Lyndel De Stefano
Henley, NSW

I have two small children of school age and am forever trying a variety of Head Lice Treatments (both natural and medicated) but have found them to be irritating to their scalp.
The recommendation of Blast-A-Nit from the Pharmacy has been extremely effective and being endorsed by the Oncology Childrens Foundation means that I have no worries using this product continuously and recommending it to others is my pleasure.
My children are happy and safe.

Thanking you once again.
Yours faithfully,
Susan Hutchinson