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Our Products


Blast-A-Nit is both a preventer if your child doesn’t have head lice and a treatment and preventer if they do

By using Blast-A-Nit as an everyday shampoo and conditioner you will be treating and preventing head lice.

It is made from 100% certified organic ingredients, the most natural shampoo and conditioner to use on children and adults.

Finish with preventer - detangler or hair gel to complete protection. Head Lice cannot tolerate its unique formula that coats every strand of hair.

Attributes of using Blast-A-Nit:

  • Gently cleanses and conditions and is especially formulated for a child’s finer hair and sensitive scalp
  • Pleasant aroma, is easy to use and rinses out easily and leaves hair shiny and healthy looking
  • Safety (non-toxic) and can be repeated as often as needed
  • Pregnant mums and infants can also use


The Blast-A-Nit System

To help families we have a totally natural solution to the problem of Head Lice & Nits in children of all ages. Blast-A-Nit is an all-natural, non-chemical treatment that when used correctly will rid and prevent reoccurrence of head lice and nits. Blast-A-Nit is made from 100% natural organic ingredients which will not harm a child’s delicate skin.

The following 3 steps outlines the Blast-A-Nit System and should be followed implicitly to achieve an effective and satisfactory outcome – that is getting rid of head lice and nits in your child’s hair & preventing re-occurrence.


The key to getting rid of these blood-suckers for good is to remove both the nits (eggs) and the live head lice from the hair. Yes -  head lice can be eliminated without using toxic chemicals, the key is the fine tooth lice comb combined with The Blast-A-Nit System.


N.B A recent study in the British Medical Journal found that finely combing wet hair with a comb specially designed for head lice was four (4) times more effective in getting rid of head lice than chemical & pesticide based treatments.


We at Blast-A-Nit also believe that critical to getting rid of & removing head lice & nits (nits are - eggs or un-hatched head lice) is combing the hair and is the key to successfully controlling this pest.


Prevention is still the best form of treatment


Also we understand that the wet combing and conditioner method can be time consuming but is vital for success. If you do not completely remove all the nits, the lice, and the nymphs (baby lice), it is most likely that re-infestation could or will occur. This process should be repeated until the lice and nits no longer appear in the hair. Please see instructions about the Blast-A-Nit System in conjunction with the conditioner & comb method.